Co.Ingenia has two lines of action in Project Management methodologies. Our consultants, are certified in Agile methodology by PMI and they can undertake both the development of processes and tools and training in the excellence of the methodology.

The Philosophy is related to the ability of these methodologies is to develop strategic frameworks. Both in the design of PMOs and in the realization of the necessary training to put them into practice.
At the beginning of the project, a master plan is drawn up, establishing the framework phases and their duration. At the conclusion of each phase, the new information discovered and the products provided by it are used to plan the detail of the following.

This procedure is not very different from the Agile Development of Software, in which in each iteration a whole cycle of Analysis, Design, Development, Testing and Review is carried out, to then plan the next iteration using the product and new information of the scope determined in the concluding phase.