The digital transformation in the financial sector leads to a growth in the demand for experts capable of leading this process. There is a growing need for professionals who can adapt to the challenges that the industry is facing and to provide excellent user experiences to their customers in record time. The Blockchain is a revolutionary technology that allows you to create secure transactions in public or private networks, without intermediaries. It uses systems based on cryptography that ensure its reliability. It is regarded as the technology of the present and of the future, so much so that many label it as the next industrial revolution. It is expected for the industries to create or to redefine their business models using the Blockchain technology possibilities Coingenia will walk alongside those professionals willing to understand the basic principles of aspects of organization of the innovation in the financial activity such as the Finntech, Insurtech and similar (Realtech, Wealthtech …) and the revolutionary Blockchain technology and its implementation in a wide range of Projects and their optimal Management.