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Mr Karl Roberts is a Mathematician and an Engineer. Mr Karl Roberts graduated with Honours by the University in Oxford (BSc (Hons), Software Engineering) and with Honours by the University of Cardiff (BSc (Hons) Computing/Maths, Computing/Mathematics). He also holds Master’s Degree by the MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology Masters, Big Data, Social Physics and AI Machine Learning. Academic Masters Excellence). He enjoys working with cloud, contact, and digital transformation, and pioneered several approaches with AI and cognitive services. MIT qualified on AI /Artificial Intelligence and deep machine learning and social physics. He has been for eight years running telecommunications pre-sales with growth year on year, running advanced software development services and driving innovation. Mr Karl Roberts is a co-designer of one of the world’s most successful and largest digital cloud platforms (HMRC), that has been held up as the poster child for digital industry. Mr Roberts designed the world largest self-service Natural Language, NLU and Speech Science, Voice infrastructures. He took the concept and led the design and pilot on Europe’s first and most successful network biometric fraud detection system long before anyone else did. Mr Roberts holds numerous Honours and Awards: IBM Global Award for Innovation (Speech, NLU). Winner – Biometrics Security &Smartphone Global Design Awards (Beating 100 Other Companies). Best Team Product Solution in e-commerce. Best Cloud Service 2013 – 2015 with Contact Centre. Mr Roberts has several publications: Biometrics for Prime Time, GDPR Compliance Essentials Focus on automation and co-automation with humans using bots, conversational speech recognition and AI modeling and services.”